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Madonna and Ferris Bueller--always a winning combination

February 6, 2012 - Taste Buds
The Super Bowl is over. Life can once again return to normal, whatever normal may be for you. And while no local teams were involved, the Buds thought the game turned out to be pretty entertaining. OK, well, maybe it was also all those chips and dips we consumed during the broadcast that left us with that warm, fuzzy feeling. Or maybe it was the sight of a disappointed Tom Brady sitting dejectedly on the ground that warmed our hearts? No matter--these were not the things the Buds enjoyed the most about the Super Bowl.

As all of our readers are aware, the Buds are fond of their youth. The 80s were only the greatest decade EVER and we are proud to wax philosophic about anything and everything from that era (see our previous blog called "Bring back the baton" for a little nostalgia). So of course, why wouldn't we have been blown away by Madonna's half time show?

At the Super Bowl party Bud Shaunna attended, there was some heated banter before halftime as to whether the Material Girl would open with an old, tried and true hit or start off with one of her newer songs. The former proved true--she pulled the Buds right in by opening with her smash hit Vogue. Strike a pose! And like mindless zombies, all of her fans collectively vogued in their living rooms saying, "Yes, Madonna. We will vogue." We do admit the entrance was quite over-the-top showy, but it's Madonna. Did you expect something subdued? The gladiators marching were just awesome, as was the chariot they carried her out on. And we don't know about any of you, but the Buds have trouble walking in 6-inch heels, let alone dancing and doing backflips and cartwheels in them (on narrow bleachers to boot!).

We've heard mixed reviews about Madonna's performance, but we thought it was fantastic. She sure crammed a lot of stuff into her 10 minute time frame! The visuals alone were enough to sell the performance. After all, it's all about entertainment, and Madonna definitely did that. Score one for the 80s!

As if Madonna's show wasn't enough to make the Buds' night, we were absolutely giddy over the Ferris Bueller CRV commercial that aired during the 4th quarter. The Buds must admit, we cheated and watched the full length Bueller commercial on YouTube earlier in the week. It was brilliant! Sure, it was a total knock off of the popular movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off starring Matthew Broderick, but it was such an expertly done knock off--complete with Broderick reprising his role and Yellow's catchy "Oh Yeah" song playing in the background. The only thing we might have liked to see added was the CRV up on some blocks running in reverse to try and roll the mileage back down to where it was before the joyriding began.

The Buds vote that next year, maybe Red Bull can steal that scene from The Breakfast Club where they're all dancing around the library like maniacs. What we wouldn't pay to see Emilio Estevez dancing on top of another table.


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