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The Buds question the longevity of reality TV shows

September 17, 2012 - Taste Buds
One of the biggest announcements in the entertainment world today is that Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban were named the two new American Idol judges. They will sit alongside Mariah Carey and original Idol judge Randy Jackson. Over-hyped analysis aside, the Buds have one question that's gone unanswered -- WHY is this show still on the air?

Idol is going in to its 12th season, although it certainly feels like this is season one million. And the best part of the show used to be the auditions, but if you've seen one singing nerd in a monkey costume, you've seen 'em all. Simon Cowell, the best part of the show, bailed a while ago, but even he stuck around long past the show's prime.

But apparently, America NEEDS more singing contest shows, because we've also got The Voice and X-Factor, shows that are largely similar -- a panel of washed up singers judging C-level talent. OK, yes, we know that some good singers have come out of these competitions, but you can count the number of real stars on one hand. At this point, 12 seasons in to Idol, really, how many fabulous, undiscovered singing talents are left out there?

Another show that the Buds can't figure out why it's still going is Survivor. The Buds were stunned to find that the new season starting up is the series' 25th! 25 seasons of Survivor!?! Of course, that's because when the first several were popular, the market was immediately saturated with season after season. One season was barely over before a new one started up. Even getting different personalities on the show doesn't help liven it up. Everything always comes down to who builds alliances, and if you're a Survivor-watching veteran, you can predict who is getting voted off and in what order. Hidden idols, exile islands, and whatever "surprising twists" they throw at them make little, if any, difference in being able to predict the outcome. BOOO-RING!!!

Big Brother, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, all these shows continue despite long outliving their role in popular culture. Even Jersey Shore had enough sense to call it quits after this season. Perhaps the biggest annoyance the Buds find with reality shows such as these is the insistence on turning some of the dumbest people in the world into stars.

The Buds can't say they don't indulge in some reality TV, although none of the shows named above. We greatly enjoy Hells Kitchen, although again, it's gone on for a long time too and while it's funny to hear Gordon Ramsay call a contestant a "donkey" or scream "It's bloody raw!!" even that loses its charm over time.

After all this time, there is another unanswered question the Buds want to put out there to all Survivor participants: The show has been on since 2000, and this is the 25th season. For the love of all things reality TV, can you at least learn how to build a fire BEFORE you go? That is something you may be asked to do.


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