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Did Bernie Kosar Go To Far?

August 16, 2013 - Kim Collette
Bernie Kosar, a Cleveland Browns legend, and probably my favorite Brown of all-time, stirred up a ton of controversy about a week ago during a pre-season Browns television broadcast. Last Thursday against the St.Louis Rams, Kosar delivered a few questionable remarks when doing the color commentary. I won't go into details on the exact comments since they have been widely publicized. Rams coach Jeff Fisher and Sport's Illustrated's Peter King were the most vocal regarding the choice words Bernie used to describe players on the Rams. Joe Banner, Cleveland Browns CEO reprimanded Kosar and made him apologize to Fisher and the Rams organization. And, that's all fine and dandy. Kosar said somethings that he probably shouldn't have and there should have been discipline. But there are a few things about this situation I take issue with. 1. Why did Peter King and Jeff Fischer take personal jabs at Kosar? A quote from King's column the following morning: "Kosar's a good guy, and I have always liked him. But I found the comments pretty far over the top and asked rhetorically, on Twitter, whether Kosar had been drinking. Which brought on a raft of criticism from the Twitterverse, saying I'd gone over the top. I don't think I was over the top, but many of you felt I had gone too far given the sea of trouble Kosar has had in his personal life." Fischer was quoted as saying,"Bernie's got his issues; they are well documented." Wait.....what? Didn't those 2 men do exactly what they lambasted Kosar for? King has since apologized for the drinking reference, but to my knowledge Fischer has not. 2. Is there a double standard? I can't help but wonder why it is okay for national commentators/analysts to make snide and critical comments about the Browns, but through their arms up in air when someone tied to the Browns make critical comments about them? For years, us Brownies have been bombarded by mean, negative and condescending criticism about our beloved team. (Granted we haven't helped ourselves any by the product on the field) I just find it ironic that a coach and writer are sensitive to the comments that were made when our team, players and coaches deal with this year in and year out. 3. Why is there such a big stink now? Kosar was no different last Thursday commentating than he has been for the past 5 or so years. If the new CEO or other teams has issues, why was this not brought up to Kosar BEFORE the first preseason game? I just find it ironic that all of a sudden that the one thing Browns fans had to look forward to for many years was Kosar's commentary. Kosar's commentary is nothing new to Browns fans. Kosar has attributed his "sometimes erratic" behavior to post-concussion syndrome, for which he is being treated. I love Bernie Kosar and I love the Browns. I think the whole situation has been blown out of proportion. No matter what derogatory things were said about Kosar, he won't lose his status in Cleveland. The fans adore him. The sad thing about the situation....the actual team is making great strides during the preseason and all we can talk about is the Kosar/King/Fischer drama. Maybe King and Fischer should worry more about the Browns on the field, than the ones off of it....The Browns predicted by Bleacher Report to be the team that makes the biggest leap in 2013.


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