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One Bud experiences a Brazilian steakhouse feast

September 10, 2013 - Taste Buds
Bud Shaunna recently experienced some fine Brazilian steakhouse eatin' at Green Forest Churrascaria. Green Forest is located east of Pittsburgh, just off the Monroeville exit on Parkway East.

Bud Hubby purchased a Groupon for the restaurant, which featured buying one full price meal and getting a second at half price. Since it was his birthday weekend and all, the Buds Hershberger found the perfect opportunity to indulge.

You're probably wondering, what is a Brazilian steakhouse, and why is it any different from, say, Long Horn or Outback? Well, the restaurant features churrasco, which is a Spanish term for grilled meat. Churrascaria restaurants like Green Forest serve grilled meat as all-you-can eat. Waiters walk around the restaurant with meat on skewers and slice them onto your plate - a serving style called "rodizio."

For your meat, hot dish and large seafood & salad bar, the cost is about $40 per person. While this is a lot more than we typically ever pay per person for a dinner, remember this was a special occasion and a special treat to ourselves! The seafood & salad bar in itself is a meal, with everything ranging from shrimp, crab legs, sushi, various bean and pasta salads to a variety of mixed greens.

At your table, each guest is given a coaster. When you're ready for meat, turn your coaster to the green side, and waiters will stop and offer you whatever kind of meat they have on their skewer. Turn your coaster to the red side and waiters will not stop at your table. We found that once you turn your coaster to green, the waiters come fast! We adapted quickly by filling our plates and then turning our coasters to red so we could catch up, and then we were back at it again.

Meats were cooked to a medium rare, which was just fine for Buds Hershberger, but they will cook whatever you'd like to try to your liking. Some of the meats offered included ribs, filet mignon, flank steak, pork loin, lamb, ribeye, skirt steak, top sirloin and rainbow trout. Offerings vary daily, so you won't always get the same thing. Someone was even walking around with buttery garlic bread on a skewer!

A waiter brought around a large slab of thick bacon, and Bud Hubby's eyes just about popped out of his head! He loved it, but it was a little too chewy for Bud Shaunna - she likes her bacon pretty much burnt.

One of Bud S's favorites of the night was a chipotle-lime seasoned filet mignon. It had a lovely freshness and was perfectly spicy - she loved it so much she got seconds when the waiter came around again! Really, there is so much meat here that it's nearly impossible to try everything. Still, we gave it our best shot!

We also said "what the heck!" and ordered a dessert to share - a heavenly dish of tiramisu. Bud Hubby has never had tiramisu, but Bud Shaunna and this creamy expresso-flavored dessert go way back. It was divine!

Our bellies were full, and we pretty much had to roll out of there - good thing we were seated near the door. If you love meat - and not like it, but LOVE it - this is a must try place when you're looking to indulge a little. The service is great and the meat is fresh and plentiful. Hey, sometimes you just gotta spoil yourself with a new experience!

The Green Forest Churrascaria is located at 655 Rodi Rd., Pittsburgh, 412-371-5560.


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Dec-15-13 11:32 AM

While Vacationing in Rio de Janiero, I experienced a Brazilian steakhouse for the first time and loved it. The big difference was, it only cost $8.00+2.00 for drinks.


Sep-21-13 7:41 PM

C'mon, bud persons,[For your meat, hot dish and large seafood & salad bar, the cost is about $40 per person.] You two are getting out of our territory now. $40.00??? Come back down to reality to about $5.95. We are valley people.


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