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Upstart Underdog

February 24, 2014 - Robert "Bubba" Kapral
I think John 'anti-union" Kasich will be a tough man to beat in his quest to retain the Ohio governor's mansion. It is never an easy task to oust the incumbent. Secondly, the state appears to be heading in the right economic direction. Moreover, I never thought a strong enough Democrat was out there to wage a spirited challenge. I though former Gov. Ted Strickland was the Dems' best chance to regain the governorship. He opted not to enter the sweepstakes. Ed FitzGerald has different ideas. The spunky Cuyahoga County executive is stomping around the Buckeye State, wielding confidence, swagger and shaping his message to his geographic clientele. He was in Monroe County Sunday at the idled Ormet aluminum plant. Hannibal might as well be Sochi, Russia for Kasich. He isn't going to visit either anytime soon. The Monroe County mindset is that Kasich is a major reason Ormet is now closed, maybe for good. His failure to broker a more palatable electric rate for the plant strikes a painful nerve for Ormet workers. FitzGerald, who has been endorsed by the state education association, made the most of his opportunity Sunday. "Every part of Ohio I go to - and I have been in all 88 counties - I talk about Ormet," FitzGerald said. He was surrounded by several of the facility's 1,000 displaced employees. "This is a crisis down here for this part of Ohio," he added. Those comments were music to Ormet workers' ears. He also called out Kasich for not visiting Ormet since its October closing and for not exerting pressure on PUCO. FitzGerald still has an uphill battle to bump Kasich. I do, however, love his chances to outpoll the incumbent in Monroe County for sure, if not all of Eastern Ohio.


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Feb-26-14 8:45 AM

Or perhaps they ignore broader knowledge of the issue. Fitz should be thanking Kasich for Ormet. What would he have to run on otherwise? Liberals repeatedly abuse the trust of their constituencies for their own gain. For instance, no one is asking why the electricity rates soared for Ormet. Senate Bill 221 pillaged utility generators for green energy development. Now they want to recover their costs which went nowhere but to the slush fund. PUCO had no choice but to allow them to raise rates. What is the liberal response? Jack Cera and others want to give the Governor the power to overrule an independent board. Typical knee-jerk reaction but the bill is useless and a waste of time. It must be nice to live in an artificial world where you never have to look in the rear view mirror. The rest of us live today for the choices we made yesterday. Not so in elected office.


Feb-25-14 8:42 PM


You are so sadly misguided. I challenge you to truly review the experience and qualification of this Democrat Candidate.

Take time and deeply become engaged in the aluminum industry in the United States today. I, too, would love for Ormet to reopen but to place blame on Mr. Kasich is unfair and merely joining a vocal group that lacks the broader knowledge of all the issues.


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