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My baby girl is graduating college.

April 14, 2014 - Michael Palmer
This is a big year for my baby girl. I say baby but she is turning 24 this week and graduating college with her nursing degree.

She has found a great guy and although we never get to do anything social with them, we know his family has grown to love her as a daughter already. Just recently, her boyfriend's grandmother went into the hospital and dropped a strong hint when introducing April to the nurses caring for her saying, “This is my grandson and hopefully my future grand daughter-in-law.”

It was important because she was giving her blessing, as she may have known that this was to be her last hospital visit, she did not survive open heart surgery.

Form our perspective, our years with our baby girl have flown by.

It has been a very quick quarter of a century since the announcement of the pregnancy and a few months of her mother suffering the symptoms of a gall bladder that was not happy with the co-occupant in the abdomen.

Mom survived and as fate would have it, it was not a stork but an Easter Bunny that delivered this child. It was early AM Easter when she arrived back in 1990. A relatively easy birth according to Mrs. P.

She had a few set backs as a young child. Learning the dangers of patent leather shoes one Christmas morning at my parents house when she tumbled down the stairs and got a broken leg and pretty pink cast from Santa ER.

Then she became the first of the children to total a car when a few months later she decided to pull my van out of gear and wiggle the steering wheel until the cement blocks gave way sending her on a short ride down hill into the woods with her older sister as a passenger. Her brother, the oldest of the bunch bailed out the back. She steered between two trees so close together that she stripped both mirrors off the side of the van and then dead centered a tree.

She smashed her foot and gave her sister a scar above her eye, but thankfully they both survived. I have pictorial evidence to show my how some of my hair turned instantly white that day.

She was a good student, not too fond of the testing methods used by the schools and a real challenge to hep with homework when she did not grasp the content, but she excelled at athletics. She played and later coached volleyball, was a district all star in basketball and she was recruited to play basketball for Mount Union. She was not into the full time requirements the coach was expecting, like missing all three meals due to classes and practices. Why were we paying for a meal ticket again?

Spring sports, I coached summer league and as a result she played up a year to stay with her older sister in softball. That made her tough, but when the players all graduated from the winning season she was left with an outfield that could not catch a cold in a blizzard and a catcher that thought the backstop was better than a glove. Pitched her arm off to get strike outs that ended up at first base and well let's just say the letter E will never be one of her favorites.

She was sometimes too independent when she should have been allowing us to help. But some children have to learn their own way.

Her mother and I are very proud of her and thus this blog to brag a bit on my baby girl.

Her future is looking bright as she moves on with her life and once again we will be empty nesters.

That is except on weekends when the grandchildren invade, but that's another story.


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Apr-14-14 6:46 PM

Congratulations...... You should be very proud!!!!!!!!!!!!


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