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Ferry gets it right with its police force

October 7, 2012 I ENTERED the inner sanctum of the Martins Ferry Police Department Friday. more »»

Drilling assists another school district

September 30, 2012 SHALE OIL money has again made its presence felt in pumping up local school budgets. This time, Buckeye Local was the beneficiary. more »»

Bellaire Chamber talking Christmas

September 23, 2012 IT IS still September but the Bellaire Chamber of Commerce was in the holiday mode at Thursday's well-attended monthly luncheon meeting. more »»

Controlling budgets without cuts or tax hikes

September 16, 2012 Reports of deep cuts in most state budgets are all too common these days and are passed down to each level of government, including counties and school boards. more »»

Getting a call from?Ron Asher’s ex-cellmate

September 16, 2012 MY RON Asher column of two weeks past spawned several e-mails and one phone call. The call was an intriguing one. It came from a person I know, but not aware that he shared cell time with Asher. more »»

Trekking home from the Golden Dome

September 10, 2012 THIS COLUMN will be a short one this week. For many of you that may be good news. I am penning it on Thursday night, two days earlier than usual. more »»

My little slice of heaven

September 9, 2012 Finally! Every Sunday from now until February will be an NFL football Sunday — in other words, my favorite time of the year. more »»

1975 murderer returns to Belmont court

September 2, 2012 AN EASTERN Court episode in Bellaire two weeks ago drew heavy media and law enforcement attention after a defendant waltzed in, possessing a walking stick containing a set of brass knuckles and a... more »»

Insane in the brain

August 26, 2012 You’ve probably heard the saying, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” Well, how about the saying, “The road to being un-well is paved with good intention. more »»

Sherrod Brown: A down-to-earth guy

August 26, 2012 SHERROD BROWN and Josh Mandel are hooked up in a hotly contested U.S. Senate race in Ohio. Brown is the veteran Democrat lawmaker and sitting as the incumbent. more »»

Columnist pens farewell column

August 25, 2012 As fall approaches we can feel the crispness in the air. Autumn colors of gold, orange and brown can be see in flowers and decorations. more »»

Stop worrying, slow down and learn to laugh

August 23, 2012 In perusing Facebook the other night, I came across a picture post that read “God is the GPS of your life. Sit back and let him lead. more »»

County official speaks with forked tongue

August 19, 2012 LAST WEEK'S column apparently struck a nerve with one Belmont County department head. more »»

A little dose of reality

August 12, 2012 Something strange happened to me on my visit to the Cancer Center in Morgantown last week. Well, maybe strange isn’t the right word. more »»

Two levies highlight Belmont ballot

August 12, 2012 THE FILING deadline for the Nov. 6 general election came and went Wednesday. The Belmont County ballot is well-stocked with levies. Two of those money requests drew my attention. more »»

YTR:?Home to a special group of people

August 11, 2012 Volunteers are not paid -- not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless” – Unknown The people of YTR are known for their kindness and their generosity. more »»

Oh, deer

August 5, 2012 Oh, dear. Or, maybe I should say oh, DEER. I’ve had just about enough of these hoofed, furry animals tramping through my yard and eating everything in sight. more »»

We need more answers from education

August 5, 2012 I was recently asked to respond to questions regarding a supposedly innovative set of programs offered in eight states designed to accelerate early graduation for high school student. more »»

Auctions may yield new lease of life for steel

August 5, 2012 I LIKE to consider my self an optimist. With that said, I harbor hope that this past week’s steel auctions will yield better times for the local industry. more »»

The days of Ohio domination may be over

July 29, 2012 SHOULD THE West Virginia football all-stars win tonight's OVAC Rudy Mumley Charity Classic, would Ohio Valley prep grid fans begin clamoring for a new format to the game? We doubt it, but a Blue... more »»



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