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Bellaire Chamber undergoing chamber

March 23, 2014 THE BELLAIRE Chamber of Commerce bid adieu to its secretary - Pam Nyles -- at its monthly luncheon Thursday. Nyles has served in that post for more than three years. more »»

Fire deals Bellaire a tough blow

March 16, 2014 A PRODUCTIVE segment of Bellaire's economy went up in flames Thursday. Literally. Electronics Recycling Services was a feel-good story, until three days ago. more »»

DNA is tough to beat in court of law

March 9, 2014 DAN FRY hit a grand slam with his first major case as Belmont County prosecuting attorney. Fry led the state's case in the capital murder trial of Devin Wayne Fuller. more »»

New Bellaire Move Makes Sense

March 2, 2014 I LIKE a move the village of Bellaire made late last month. An administrative position was created. The new post makes sense and will save dollars. more »»

Time to put Winter Olympics on ice

February 23, 2014 THE WINTER Olympics are winding down. For me that is no big deal. I did tune in to watch some hockey and bobsledding this past week. Unfortunately, the U.S. more »»

The year-round choice for success

February 16, 2014 During a recent conversation with public policy makers about the advantages of year-round education (not necessarily year-round schools), my thinking went almost immediately to traditional Asian ric... more »»

School district now facing stark reality

February 16, 2014 THESE ARE tough times within the Switzerland of Ohio School District. Should an income tax measure the district is seeking fails in the November election, schools are being targeted for shutdow. more »»

Bellaire enters the oil & gas boom era

February 9, 2014 THE GAS and oil boom has finally found its way to the All-American Town. If any Eastern Ohio community needs to cash in on drilling money, it is Bellaire. more »»

Peyton stamps himself as best ever

February 2, 2014 MUCH OF the world will be focusing on the Big Apple today as the first outdoors cold weather Super Bowl plays out. Staging the NFL's biggest event in wintry weather is just dum. more »»

Making the choice to be outworked

January 26, 2014 After spending several days with a large group of business executives in the heart of Appalachia, I came away impressed. more »»

Take the handcuffs off the Bellaire police

January 26, 2014 THE WEEK that just played out in Bellaire reinforces the need to better compensate and beef up the village's police force. more »»

Bellaire is showing signs of life

January 19, 2014 THE BELLAIRE Chamber of Commerce held its monthly luncheon meeting Thursday and yielded some nuggets of potential growth in the All-American Tow. more »»

Traffic jam may snarl Christie’s bid

January 12, 2014 POLITICS is a cut-throat business. That was reinforced last week in New Jersey. The political scene reared its ugly head in the Garden State. N.J. Gov. more »»

Belmont County outlook brightening

January 5, 2014 IF ANY additional proof was needed that the Belmont County economic outlook is brightening, look no further than the appropriations passed by commissioners last week. more »»

Marling helping move Bellaire forward

December 29, 2013 DAN MARLING has proven a major asset to the All-American Town in his role as Bellaire village administrator. Marling's efforts have resulted in much progress throughout the town. more »»

Commissioners making shelter a priority

December 22, 2013 THERE ARE a lot of dog lovers in Belmont County. That was reinforced after last week’s piece in this space calling for a probe of the operations at the Belmont County Animal Shelter. more »»

Central Government attacks senior citizens

December 15, 2013 As five million Americans reach age 65 each year and join millions of others in the final season of their lives, most expect to enjoy their long-promised and eagerly anticipated golden years. more »»

Animal shelter probe is needed

December 15, 2013 I AM a dog man. I love canines. Once I hang up my coaching whistle, a golden retriever is in my future. more »»

Thomas: A good commission fit

December 8, 2013 THERE IS a new old face taking a seat on the Belmont County Board of Commissioners. Mark Thomas gained the nod from the Belmont County Democrat Central Committee Thursday night. more »»

Explaining the I-70 Mall Road project truths

December 6, 2013 One of my favorite quotes is attributed to Mark Twain, “A lie gets up and runs around the world before the truth even gets out of bed. more »»



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