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Truth Matters

February 17, 2014 Dear Editor In Bill O'Reilly's Presidential interview before the Super Bowl, President Obama seemed amused by O'Reilly's substantive questions as well as O'Reilly's apparent expectation that he... more »»

Conservative Values

February 17, 2014 Dear Editor: Did you ever notice when the Republicans--Tea Party people-- state their core believes, they say they believe in traditional values, low taxes, and limited government. more »»

Grateful Coach

February 17, 2014 Dear Editor, I would like to thank the Martins Ferry Civics and the parents for the opportunity to coach a great group of kids this basketball season. more »»


February 14, 2014 Dear Editor, Some of the recent political cartoons, letters and columns in the Times Leader which bear no semblance to reality can best be described as the French poet Baudelaire once wrote, "th... more »»

Ronald Reagan

February 14, 2014 Dear Editor, Ronald Reagan once said, "the most terrifying words in the English Language are, I'm from the government, and I'm here to help". more »»

Unfair Claims

February 13, 2014 Dear Editor I read with interest the article about Bellaire receiving approximately $450,000.00 from Gulfport Energy. more »»

Courthouse Closing

February 12, 2014 Dear Editor, This letter is in response to one written recently by Frank Crothers. Mr. more »»


February 10, 2014 Dear Editor: Congratulations are in order to the writer of yet another letter in praise of the tea party; he demonstrates perfectly the delusional nature of those who believe the Koch and Co. more »»

Ohio Execution

February 6, 2014 Dear Editor, Recently there have been several stories bemoaning the “horrible” execution of a death row prisoner in Ohio. His suffering and moans were emphasized in the press. more »»

John Solovan

February 5, 2014 Dear Editor, As a result of the recent public announcement by The Honorable John . more »»

Trooper Thanks

February 5, 2014 Dear Editor, We would like to take this opportunity to “Thank” everyone who took the time to remember all of the special kids in the Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital this Christmas. more »»

'Monkey Business’

February 5, 2014 Dear Editor No mattter how dishonest a “scientific study” might be on the issue of eliminate change, as long as it supports the agenda of the global warming movement, it gets massive loyal media... more »»

Minimum Wage

January 30, 2014 Dear Editor I do not mean to be overly political, although it is my major, but I wanted to comment on the Minimum Wage issue from the State of the Union. more »»

War on Eagles

January 30, 2014 Dear Editor For five years, President Barack Obama has delayed making a decision whether to allow construction of the Keystone Pipeline from Canada to the United States. more »»

Will It Work?

January 27, 2014 Dear Editor, “Will it work?’ is the vital question” is a compelling message to state officials, challenging the state’s practice of legislating assessment of schools and teachers without regard to... more »»

‘Must haves’

January 27, 2014 Dear Editor It seems like both the roads and the country are going to po. more »»

Republican Health Care Opposition

January 22, 2014 Dear Editor, As of Jan. 1, 2014, it has been confirmed that 6.5 million previously uninsured Americans now have critical health care coverage as a result of the Affordable Care Act, with . more »»

End Abortion

January 22, 2014 Dear?Editor, Our culture of death tries to make motherhood optional, but the heartache that culture leaves behind exposes the lie. more »»

Animal Donations

January 22, 2014 Dear Editor, As you know Belmont County Animal Shelter recently experienced a huge amount of damage due to a water pipe freeze and breakage. more »»

Generous People of Powhatan

January 22, 2014 Dear Editor, Every year we do not think the people of Powhatan and surrounding areas can be any more generous than they have been. But every year, they surprise us even more. more »»



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