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Radical Islam

February 13, 2015 Dear?Editor Most people including myself find it difficult to admit being wrong. I wish to take this opportunity to state unequivocally that I have been wrong. more »»

President Obama

February 13, 2015 Dear Editor, After watching our President the past several years commit himself to various activities, it seems he may be seriously seeking another position of importance. more »»

Middle-Class Recovery

February 12, 2015 Dear Editor, I am quite hopeful and optimistic as a result of initiatives proposed and outlined by President Obama during his recent State of the Union Address which, unless inexplicably blocked by... more »»


February 11, 2015 Dear Editor: The right-wing take on reality, as promoted by the Kochs, Roves, etc. is looking more and more like the Ostrich myth. You know the one.... more »»

Mead Township

February 11, 2015 Dear Editor, The question still remains are the trustees of Mead Township working on a solution to return street lighting to the township: Where are the funds that were being spent for street... more »»


February 11, 2015 Dear Editor, During the church scandals there were numbers of complaints about children being molested. Some were real, others were not. more »»

Animal Rights

February 10, 2015 Dear Editor, Ever since Darwin published his Descent of Man, a rigid barrier imagined between human life and “lesser” animals has been dissolving. more »»

Respect Police

February 10, 2015 Dear Editor, I would like to thank Mr. William Patsche for his letter he writes for the newspaper. He really (as the old saying goes) “hits the nail on the head. more »»


February 9, 2015 Dear Editor, It’s January 2015 and I’m home sitting at the kitchen table reading The Times Leader. more »»

Plain Speaking

February 4, 2015 Dear Editor, Every time you think that it seems that things can’t get much worse or that our delusional, Manchurian Candidate President can’t let things get much worse, the news is filled with one... more »»

Richard Pacifico

February 4, 2015 Dear?Editor, I would like to thank Mr. more »»

Voices From Across Ohio

February 3, 2015 (Tiffin) Advertiser-Tribune, Jan. 30. Criticism by elected statewide officials Thursday of a plan to legalize marijuana in Ohio had familiar reasoning to it. more »»


February 2, 2015 Dear?Editor President Barack Obama is elevating his efforts to combat global warming ... citing both climate change and isis — as a national security threa. more »»

Snow Plow

January 30, 2015 Dear?Editor, I heard a good one the other day — “Who drives the “SNOW PLOW” man to work? It’s been awhile since we all have been trapped in our homes by heavy sno. more »»


January 30, 2015 Dear Editor, Please don't take this as "crowing" or shouting" I told you so." But take this as an appeal to reason to stop being such a strong advocate for coal. more »»

“The FIxer”

January 30, 2015 Dear Editor, Let me tell you folks about guy I know! I call him “The Fixer,” The man you go to when you have something broke, something that needs adjusted or something that needs welded. more »»

Beallsville High

January 28, 2015 Dear?Editor, So Beallsville High School needs to close because other schools in the district had to? That was not are idea nor did we support i. more »»

Business Accessible

January 27, 2015 Dear Bridgeport Businesses, The Mayor’s Office with the help of the Bridgeport Area Chamber of Commerce and Jason Wilson of the Governor’s Office of Appalachia recently held a meeting regarding th... more »»

Flushing VFD

January 27, 2015 Dear?Editor, The members of the Flushing Volunteer Fire Department want the citizens of Flushing to know that we are trying our best to protect the village. more »»

Joe Manchin

January 27, 2015 Dear Editor, I used to think that Senator Joe Marchin was an old school reasonably common sense Democrat and on many issues he has bee. more »»



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