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March 26, 2014 Dear Editor, While traveling down the road, one sign that caught my eye said, “Impeach the Groundhog — Vote Spring. more »»


March 25, 2014 Dear Editor Unions are needed. Its time the American worker wakes up and embraces the right and need of worker unions. more »»

Ferry Tax

March 21, 2014 Dear Editor, I could not agree more with parts of the editorial in the local newspaper on Sunday, March 1. more »»

Heart Felt Thanks

March 21, 2014 Dear Editor, As many of you know, our lives were turned upside down recently after we lost our home and pets to a massive fire. It has been a very hard time. more »»

Road Work

March 19, 2014 Dear Editor, All government entities are worried about road and street condition. more »»


March 14, 2014 Dear Editor, I, Warren Hood, would like to Thank all those people who sent me get-well cards, e-mails, phone calls and visits during my recent illness. more »»

Deserving Justice

March 14, 2014 Dear Editor, The Supreme Court is now looking at a homicide case in which the subject has a low IQ and is currently on death row. more »»


March 12, 2014 Dear Editor, I have resided in Bridgeport my entire life and over the years the one law firm that has worked diligently for Bridgeport is the firm that Richard Myser is still a part of. more »»

Arizona Bill

March 5, 2014 Dear Editor, I read where the governor of Arizona has vetoed a bill that would discriminate against homosexuals. The bill was foolish. You cannot legislate morality. more »»

Negative Government

March 5, 2014 Dear Editor Is it any wonder that the majority of our citizens have a negative opinion of our government and consequently the future of our country? With far too few exceptions, the news is full o... more »»

Cleaning Up

March 5, 2014 Dear?Editor How about cleaning up this village. I cannot believe how bad it is. I live in a small town in SC, clean as a pin, lots of businesses, and playgrounds for kids. more »»

Sticking to my Guns

February 27, 2014 Dear Editor, In my recent letter to the local newspaper, (War on Eagles, Jan. 30), triggered the most recent letter (Wind Energy, Feb. more »»

Bellaire Safety

February 26, 2014 Dear?Editor: Background checks for village employees. You would think that would be a given when you are speaking of people in a position of public safety and trust. more »»

Obamacare Revisited

February 26, 2014 Dear Editor: Permit me to weigh in again about the affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. more »»

Truth Matters

February 17, 2014 Dear Editor In Bill O'Reilly's Presidential interview before the Super Bowl, President Obama seemed amused by O'Reilly's substantive questions as well as O'Reilly's apparent expectation that he... more »»

Conservative Values

February 17, 2014 Dear Editor: Did you ever notice when the Republicans--Tea Party people-- state their core believes, they say they believe in traditional values, low taxes, and limited government. more »»

Grateful Coach

February 17, 2014 Dear Editor, I would like to thank the Martins Ferry Civics and the parents for the opportunity to coach a great group of kids this basketball season. more »»


February 14, 2014 Dear Editor, Some of the recent political cartoons, letters and columns in the Times Leader which bear no semblance to reality can best be described as the French poet Baudelaire once wrote, "th... more »»

Ronald Reagan

February 14, 2014 Dear Editor, Ronald Reagan once said, "the most terrifying words in the English Language are, I'm from the government, and I'm here to help". more »»

Unfair Claims

February 13, 2014 Dear Editor I read with interest the article about Bellaire receiving approximately $450,000.00 from Gulfport Energy. more »»



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