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Wrong Punishment

January 31, 2013

THE SWITZERLAND of Ohio Local Board of Education is getting tough with some of its students. The board has voted to begin penalizing students who are delinquent with their lunch accounts....

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Feb-03-13 5:26 PM

no pay no lunch.

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Feb-02-13 9:09 PM

Lemme say this one more time .... the PARENTS neglected to PAY the bill ??? (thinking it was another form of welfare) or entitlements ? or, they just don't give a crap.

WRONG PUNISHMENT is a stupid, and misleading story line.

Just like thoughtful stated.... McDonalds wont feed you, IF you got no $$$$.....

So why the*****should the Switzerland of Ohio B O E, be OBLIGATED to feed you, IF you aint payin ?????

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Feb-01-13 8:18 PM

the kids need to get a job and pay for their tab. also maybe the school should lower the limit on a tab to say 10 bux. These kids are just learning that it's OK to be in debt. That is not any way to teach children.

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Feb-01-13 5:32 PM

Yeah, I see your point LifeLong.

If the parents were responsible there likely wouldn't be a tab in the first place. I was involved in an accident at school about a hundred years ago (it seems) that broke a window. I had to work privately and then take the money to school for the replacement. Thanks to my parents of course. Which goes back to my first point...

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Feb-01-13 3:13 PM

The more I read this ............... diatribe/apistle, the angrier I get ?

What gives the CRIMES-LEADER the "right" to dictate or recommend policy to a School Board ?

IF, I were behind on my subscription ? Would the CL offer me the opportunity to come in and wash windows, or sweep the floor ? to "keep my paper delivered" ? NO WAY, would they do that ...

Yet, they are condemning the B O E for taking necessary actions. (and suggesting) that the "kids work it off"...And the parents are IGNORING their obligations ?

When a parent lets their children starve it's NEGLECT. They choose NOT to pay, and expect the BOE to "pony up"

I'm certain, the BOE of Switzerland Ohio is several thousand dollars in debt from NON-PAYING PARENTS !

I applaud the B O E for trying a method to regain their losses, and be FAIR at the same time.

The Crimes-Leader HAS NO business sticking their NOSE, or suggestions into it.

THANK YOU ...... J M 0

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Feb-01-13 11:48 AM

Hey promo61.... Good points. Maybe you're reading a tad more into it. Why should it be expected that a kid has to "bail out" their parents ?

and more importantly.... the CL's idea is absurd. The school board wants the money owed, NOT inkind services/work. HOW does that recoup the money ? (unless they lay off paid staff)

I'm sure the board is minus alot of unpaid money, for them to take these actions.

I feel the CL's diatribe on this is idiotic. You see.... let the parents take responsibility in this.

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Feb-01-13 11:21 AM

LifeLong, you seem to be saying that a child born to lazy parents is doomed to be lazy his/herself. The answer to your question "Do you expect the kids to really take on a job?" is...well, yes! A hard lesson is often most remembered. We have many examples of children born into poverty who don't stay there.

Having said that, I doubt any school district wants to take on the liability of students working on school property during or after hours. I believe there is merit to making them work it off, however.

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Jan-31-13 9:20 PM

More simple. No lunch ticket, no lunch.

when one goes to McDonalds and has no money, they cannot eat.

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Jan-31-13 4:39 PM

Furthermore..... creating a "job", just to do it, is JUST PLAIN STUPID ? It's pretty much a given that the Switzerland of Ohio B O E knows how many employees they need, and the necessary jobs that need to be done. SO... where's the need to create "duplicate jobs" ? Especially, when it doesn't HELP pay the bills generated by "deadbeat parents" ??

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Jan-31-13 4:01 PM

OMG... What a "liberal rag" the CrimesLeader is ? IF their Parents are "too lazy" to pay their bills..... DO you expect the kids to really take on a JOB ???? C'mon, what in the World are y'all thinkin of ? Bubba, Kim, Mike etc.... YOU GUYS are total LIBERAL IDIOTS !! 8(

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