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Taste Buds: Weiner Hut

Buds love Wheeling’s new hot dog joint

June 13, 2013

From what the Buds have witnessed, Wheeling has a new ‘top dog’. After the closing of long-time area favorite Louis’ Hot Dog late last year, the Friendly City has a new weiner vendor: the Weiner Hut....

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Jun-13-13 4:00 PM

No address?? Nice. I have no idea where the Sesame Cafe was located. Great business booster with no address.

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Jun-14-13 11:51 AM the time that you typed your comment on this site, you could have done a search on the internet to find the address. The address is 1010 Main St, Wheeling. Let me know if you need to provide directions too. ( ;

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Jun-14-13 4:50 PM

Regardless, an address provided would have been more helpful than the reader having to do the rest of the writer's job. I can give you directions too, but you won't like the destination. This is just another example of poor reporting skills.

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Jun-14-13 11:35 PM

Sorry. i went there. Only 2 parking spaces to park. Had to try and find a place to park on main st.Menu consist of practically NOTHING. No hamburgers or fries.I think the menu said 2.50 for said steak burger i think was $6.99. Hot dog was barely warm. Cook never wore plastic gloves. BARE HANDS. Hot dogs cost 1.75 PLUS an EXTRA 30 cents if you want relish put on it. There were NO mustard/ ketchup on the table because it cost you 30 cents for that.Said cheese is 30 extra, but i had relish put on my BARELY WARM hot dog and i STILL had to pay 30 cents more for relish..In MY OPINION??? I dont think you will like it.

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Jun-16-13 9:35 AM

Hey, why drive into Wheeling for a hot dog? I can go to any convenience store and get a roller-dog on steamed bun for a buck. Hey, why would a place called Weiner Hut have a full menu? Why not focus on Weiners and make the best dang weiner in the Valley. Hey, what's up with the factory produced weiner bun? Nickle's buns are great for weiners at home or at the 7-11, but if I am going to make a special stop for a weiner, I would like a special made bun maybe one with poppy seeds or sesame seeds and some gourmet honey mustard or ball park mustard. Look at the weiner picture that accompanies the review, not really mouth watering. Are the chips made in house or are they not for human consumption Lays Chips. I do not like Lays chips. I probably dislike Lays chips as much as the the reviewer dislike overly saucy coleslaw. I like overly saucy coleslaw. Can I get some there if I want it?

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Jun-16-13 5:15 PM

Never considered that these two have been reviewing local eateries for a while and have never had poor service or lack-luster food. I have been to several places lately that have always been a good experience in the past, but are now horrible. DiCarlos in Elm Grove, waited an hour and a half for a tray of pizza. Why? Because call-ins got head of the line. People called in at 300 p.m. and got on the list, they showed up at 6p.m. and the staff then made their pizza, while those who walked in at 6p.m. got bumped to the end of the line. The place was filled with people who called in from 2p.m. and all through the afternoon. Hideous!

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Jun-16-13 5:24 PM

Another example was a deli on 43 in Wintersville. There was a write up about this place in the Steubenville paper. They RAVED over the Cuban Sandwiches!!! Just like you would expect to find in any great Cuban Restaurant! Well, here's what I got, a bun with a little bit of pulled pork, deli ham an a piece of swiss cheese. A real Cuban consists of, Cuban bread, Pulled Pork, Swiss Cheese,sliced dill pickles and mustard. The sandwich is assembled and then grilled and pressed. I'm sick and tired of wanna-be's ripping people off with their Ohio Valley perversions of great foods and their lack of respect for their customers and their potential customers. Next Week, I'll be making some comments about the way some national retailers are playing games when someone is serious about working for them! I could write a book!!!!!!

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Jun-16-13 5:25 PM

Forgot to add the ham on the Cuban ingredients!

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Jun-17-13 4:11 PM

I seems that some of the comments are a bit harsh , but they contain an element of truth. The Buds are not out to trash businesses I feel sure, but they tend to give raving reviews that are not always deserved.Praise needs tempered with reality. I have mad especial trips to two of the establishments that they highly recommended only to be very disappointed. I did not find quality food and service by anyone's stretch of their imagination. This just serves to make me skeptical of believing any of the reviews.I even emailed once to question if they felt they got special treatment because they were reviewers but received no reply from either bud. I am also frequently put off by their adulations concerning prices. I do not think $5.50 is a good price for a hot dog requiring minimal prep, a very small serving of slaw as illustrated and a can of pop to be a bargain.Eating out is a rare treat for me due to my budget and sandwiches at 6-7 dollars are not something I would even consider.

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Jun-18-13 1:59 PM

Been there. Hot dogs not bad but as another poster said it's a bit pricey for a wiener joint. The best deal is a foot long for 2.75 and add .35 for cheese and chilli. it's not a foot long but it's almost 2 hot dogs and you only pay to top what would be one. 6 bux for a burger with no sides is ridiculous. The sides are 2.50 each and not large at all. there is no 5.00 lunch in the wiener hut unless you go with a foot long and a soda or two naked dogs and a soda.

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Jul-12-13 2:57 PM

Again, a raving review for a place that does not deserve it. This place is very pricey, there is little efficiency and the food is not good at all. I've had their grilled cheese sandwich: nothing special, just a greasy slice of Kraft cheese on two thin pieces of white bread (for $3.50). I waited 20 minutes for it. The potato salad was bland. Buds, PLEASE stop raving about the mediocre (and sometimes terrible) restaurants in the Ohio Valley. These reviews should NOT be advertisements (which they are);they should be upfront, honest restaurant reviews. If a business knows they can get a newspaper to do a free advertisement article (or several, as is the case with the Buds), why would the PAY to take out an ad. The paper is LOSING money by doing the "reviews" this way. Also, I find it unnerving that the business in this article misspells their name (Weiner should be wiener), and the newspaper failed to catch that. Embarrassing.I would start BUYING this paper if the above changes

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Mar-19-14 6:21 PM

The ones who hide and post bad things are people that has nothing to do but sit back and cut on businesses and authors. They are usually competition of the ones they put down or just plain rude. Weiner Hut doesn't charge for condiments only slaw and cheese. They now have a completely new menu and a big selection of different hotdogs and fries and etc. It's on Facebook. They use only the finest ingredients and big portions.

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Apr-20-14 10:41 PM

Been there at least once a week like clockwork since they opened, Wow are they busy and the food and prices are excellent . The only thing I don't like is there open at 11:30 and usually out of there by 3:00. I asked and they said they are so busy in the first 3 1/2 hrs they just close. They feed there regulars everyday that come in daily and always picking up new customers. I told them if someone would run this place 6 days a week from 11:30 to 8:00 and open for all the Capital Shows this would be one of the hottest spots in the Ohio Valley and there new hotdogs and that chili sauce you die for is soooooo good.

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