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Central Government coming for you next?

October 13, 2013

To paraphrase the late German pastor Martin Niemöller, who will be left to speak up when the Central Government comes for you? Our own Central Government is inexorably coming for us, dividing us......

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Oct-23-13 1:58 PM

Why do these liberals always attack the exact same way and with the same listed talking points ?? I guess it must be true, they have all been forced to read Olinsky's book by some liberal teacher or proph in a class at one time or another.

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Oct-16-13 12:35 PM

Petals used to be a cleaning lady in nice!

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Oct-15-13 8:45 PM

Again, yet another liberal projects the word "hate" onto conservatives. Does your work experience happen to be in the field of environmental engineering or law? By all means, your credibility can only be bolstered by watching Congress work. Lord knows they only pursue truth, justice, and the American way. What company is your work experience with, hmmmm? Do you have the guts to make it public?

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Oct-15-13 1:46 PM

Republicans and Tea Party people like Turley have all the talking points from their alternative bizarro world. Republicans hate science and have turned the working populace against commonsense.

My facts come from my international and domestic work experience and from watching Congress operate everyday. I don't get my news from Faux News and conservative lobbying groups.

The last word of my previous comment is "obsolete". Some of the local power plants fought change for decades and now are too old and costly to upgrade. The whine about too much regulation. It would have cost less years ago.

Further, the pollution spewed/spews in the Ohio Valley air, has deposited in our lungs, on our cars and streets, and into our homes and natural water systems. Just because you can't see pollution, doesn't mean is not there. The micro particles and acidic gases are the most dangerous to the lungs.

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Oct-15-13 1:05 AM

Petals typifies the blind faith in government that threatens us all......if obama and the government say it---it must be true, right Petals???

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Oct-13-13 9:28 PM

By all means Petals, please continue your talking point diatribe. Wait, it's not necessary, I only need to log on to Huffpo or Moveon to get the rest of the story.

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Oct-13-13 1:02 PM

Why does this person and Mr. Robert Murray (9/15/13 articles) get such wide news space for their opinions? Why is it put in the news sections?

The gas prices are fixed by the Middle East oil producing countries, not by the US Government. The student loans are high because the Colleges raise rates every year and spend millions on non-academic ventures (sports). The so-called government "takeover" of student loans was to reduce the interest charged by and subsidies to large banks. The money from Medicare Advantage was to reduce the Bush era subsidies to big insurance companies and make the Medicare system a level field. The local coal businesses are declining because of market demands. Global companies are turning to cleaner fuels as part of their long-term sustainability efforts. I started in the environmental engineering field in the 1970s. The regional power companies fought the clean air act rules for decades while their utility plants, then old, became older and more ob

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