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How the heck do you DO that?

Make a T-shirt blanket

August 11, 2009

With the dog days of summer just creeping up on us, it may be difficult to imagine needing a warm, snuggly blanket.

But, blink twice and it will be Halloween, so this how-to is actually quite timely.

With the approach of autumn and football season, you will more than likely find yourself a little chilly at some point. Be it on your couch or on the bleachers, a cozy blanket will no doubt come in handy.

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This is the finished product.

But this is no ordinary blanket. It is a personalized blanket which could possibly even become a family heirloom.

Chances are, you have some T-shirts filling your drawers that you don't wear often, but can't part with. They could be trophies, souvenirs, or just good memories. No matter why you've kept them, here is the perfect way to recycle them while keeping their sentiments alive.

step 1 - Gather T-shirts

You will need 30 squares to make the blanket. Each shirt is good for one square. Sometimes, however, the shirt will have a front and back design, in which case it will be good for two squares.

step 2 - Make a template

Cardboard works well. For my blanket, I used a 16 inch by 16 inch box lid from a board game. Though the size doesn't need to be exact, it was large enough to encompass most of the graphics. If you're using children's shirts, for example, you may want to use 14x14 or 10x10, etc.

step 3 - Mark and cut shirts

Lay your template on the shirt and trace around it with a washable marker. For dark shirts I found that white chalk works well. After tracing, simply cut out the squares.

step 4 - Arrange squares

The blanket will consist of six rows of five squares. Clear some space on the floor and arrange your squares into the pattern that best appeals to you.

step 5 - Pin and sew squares into horizontal rows

When finished, you will have six rows. Note: pinning is always done on the reverse side of the fabric.

step 6 - Pin and sew the rows together

This will result in the completed front panel.

step 7 - Select back fabric

I used a queen size jersey knit flat sheet which worked well. You could also use cotton fleece to make a heavier blanket.

step 8 - Pin and sew back and front panels together

Sew three sides (on reverse side) then turn the blanket right-side-out. Now you can sew the last seam.

step 9 - Re-stitch

Following your original seams on the front side, re-stitch the columns and rows. This will keep the back and front sides of the blanket from separating.

TaDa! Now you have a super-comfy way to showcase your favorite tees.

Be warned: Everyone who sees your unique blanket will ask you to make one for them. (Just one of the pitfalls of being awesome!)



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