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The Buckeye Connection

Easy ways to add physical activity

August 2, 2010
By Carol Kovachic, Program Assistant

Are you having difficulty sleeping at night? Are you anxious, tense, and dealing with many stressful issues? Do you lack energy?Does life just seem to be overwhelming? Are the pounds piling on?

There may be a solution for the above questions and it is as easy as using your body to engage in physical activities.Studies have shown that being more physically active can help to alleviate minor mental and physical problems.

Incorporating more physical activities into our hectic lifestyle can be easier than we think.The following list has some suggestions that may help you to have a healthier lifestyle and to enjoy life more.

  • Turn household chores into a workout. Pick up the pace while you clean.
  • Climb the stairs.
  • After dinner, take a walk.
  • At the mall, park farther away from the store entrance.
  • Do yard work with vigor.
  • Rake leaves.
  • Use an exercise machine while watching TV.
  • Instead of meeting a friend for lunch, do a physical activity together.
  • Try a workout video.
  • Take a dance class.
  • Don't just watch sports, play them.
  • Walk the dog for longer walks.
  • Enjoy a weekend activity doing something physical such as going for a hike or swim.
  • Dance to music in your home.
  • Start the morning with a walk.
  • Make family time activity time.Play with your kids.
  • Join in fun runs and fund raising walks.
  • Make party time and activity time.Hold parties at a bowling alley, skating rink or park.
  • Turn your coffee break into a walking break.Even 10 minutes of activity can improve your mood, reduce stress and improve your health.

Be sure to check with your doctor before starting any physical program.

Start slowly and work up the intensity of the workout. Aim for 30 minutes on most days of the week to maintain weight and 60 minutes to lose weight.



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