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‘Wild child’ lives up to expectations

March 6, 2011
By KAY?SEDGMER Times Leader Lifestyle Editor

MY GRANDSON has been going to preschool since this past September and he seems to really enjoy his time there and is coming home a little smarter each day.

During a recent visit, I noticed how much he has learned.

He knows and recognizes each letter in the alphabet. He can count to "infinity and beyond." He is even getting good at simple math. Now don't get me wrong, he can't read a novel yet, but he is doing more than I was at his age.

We were cleaning out the candy cupboard at my house during this visit and much to his mother's dismay, I let Hunter and his sister, Hayden, have whatever they wanted. (Yes, I even told them they could have my chocolate!)

They both selected boxes of those valentine heart candies that have some special little saying on them. You know, things like "I Love You" or "Sweet Thing."

As Hunter was checking out his candy while sitting at the kitchen counter, and I was in the laundry room folding clothes, he would ask me, "What does B-E-M-I-N-E spell, Granny Kay?"

Of course, I would answer, "Be Mine!" or whatever the letters spelled that he read and he would then chuckle.

He finally came upon a little heart whose saying really caught his eye. "What does W-I-L-D-C-H-I-L-D spell?" he asked.

"Wild child," I replied as he kept stacking up those little heart shaped lumps of sugar keeping that specific heart off to one side all by itself.

A few minutes later, his mother came inside after taking the dogs out for a potty break.

"Hey, Mom!" he said as she walked in the door. "This one is for Hayden. It says 'Wild Kid!"

Wrong word but right on track, Hunter!

You see, his sister is independent and, well, WILD! This child who just turned three fears nothing and no one. She is the mini version of her mother and I love it!

Do you recall your mother saying, "I'm hoping you have 10 kids and they all act like you! Well, my mom said it to me and, honestly, none of mine were like me. They were much worse! (I'm saying this with an evil little smile on my face.)

But, because I always heard it from my mother, I vowed to never chant that little phrase to my kids. Truth be told, I was afraid if I said those words it would come true and I don't like to tempt fate.

Hunter and Hayden's mom was a little on the stubborn side when she was growing up. She had to be with three older brothers to contend with each day of her life. But wait! I shouldn't say"was" because she still "is." Just ask her husband. He'll confirm my observance.

OK. Let's get back to Elisabeth's mini-me.

Hayden is determined, smart, cute-as-a-button, determined, stubborn, self confident and, did I mention she is DETERMINED? Oh, is she determined.

She just won't give up. If she thinks something is worth having, then she is going to have it. If she thinks something is worth doing, then she is going to do it!

For instance ...

Elisabeth sent her little clone upstairs to nap one afternoon. All was quiet, so the momma bear assumed the little cub was napping. Oh, was she so wrong.

Hunter made a trip up the steps for a reason that I can no longer remember and soon returned downstairs suggesting that the female parental unit should make a hurried trip to the second story of their home.

Upon reaching the top step, Elisabeth was greeted with a strong smell of Vicks VapoRub.

To her surprise she found Hayden slathered from foot to toe with the strong smelling gooey concoction. The new addition to the family, a pup named Zuko, was scented also.

"Why, Hayden?" Elisabeth asked. "Why did you do this to the dog and yourself? Why didn't you just come upstairs and take a nap like I told you? Why did you do this?"

"Our legs hurt," the little angel replied.

"Whose legs? Your legs and the dog?" she asked of her daughter.

"Yep," the little cutie answered.

"And you thought Vicks would help?" Momma asked.

"Yep," Hayden replied with her usual adorable smile. "I tried to wipe it off, though."

"With what?" her mother screamed.

"Those things right there," Hayden answered as she pointed to a toilet bowl filled with Stridex wipes.

Yep, she is a "wild kid" and I love it!

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