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Senate Bill 5

March 5, 2011
Times Leader

Dear Editor,

I am writing in regard to Senate Bill 5.

This legislation is nothing but a vicious attack on ALL working people in Ohio and not just organized labor. Some political leaders are pitting worker against worker and protecting the interests of billionaires and big business.

Organized labor and collective bargaining improve the standard of living for all working people.

In turn everyone can better support local businesses, schools, police and firefighters and the community as a whole.

The states that do not have collective bargaining have budgets that are in crisis. Do you believe collective bargaining caused this? The students from these states score the lowest ACT & SAT scores in the country. Does collective bargaining cause this?

The top two percent of people in the United States have over 90% of the wealth. They are experiencing extended tax breaks; does this have anything to do with the budget crisis?

This is your democracy! Don't let the corporations own Congress!

Please register to vote, contact your representatives of both the Ohio House and Senate and tell them to support workers rights. Attend rallies, write letters, talk to your friends and relatives. The time is now!

Doug Greiner


President, Teamsters

Local Union 637



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