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Add Cirque du Soleil to your vacation agenda

July 1, 2011
By SETH STASKEY - The Scene , Times Leader

I'm going to be perfectly honest.

I had never heard of Cirque du Soleil, nor could I correctly pronounce it, until I was reading the Internet in preparation for a recent vacation.

As I got to looking around for information, the Cirque du Soleil kept popping up and then I saw several people on my Facebook account talking about attending a show in Pittsburgh and how "awesome" it was.

Continuing to read about a trip to Las Vegas, I stumbled across The Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil at the Mirage.

Knowing that I enjoyed Beatles music, I determined this would be an interesting show to go to.

And now, not only can I prounce and spell Cirque du Soleil, I can honestly say if you've got a chance to take in one of these shows, don't even hesitate.

Adjectives like awesome, unbelievable, tremendous and amazing are some of the words I uttered during the show.

Obviously, the Ohio Valley hasn't experienced a Cirque du Soleil, but these shows are all over the country and the world. This is something that if the Capitol Theater ever has a chance to bring to the Friendly City, I would certainly hope it would jump on the opportunity because it's a guaranteed sellout.

The Beatles Love show is currently celebrating its fifth anniversary and something tells me by the crowd it could experience 50 birthdays at the Mirage without a problem.

Leading up to and since the show, I've found myself listening to more and more Beatles music. Seeing that I am just about to turn 31 years old in a little more than a week, I didn't realize just how many hit songs the Beatles had.

The Love show points those out to a tee. The Love album measures 26 songs and culminates with "All You Need is Love."

That's the final song of the Cirque du Soleil where the entire cast comes out and performs once more.

My favorite part of The Beatles Love was a quartet of roller bladers doing tricks and stunts to the song, "Help." It was amazing to see how the tricks that just seemed perfectly set to the music.

There were some songs in the show that I hadn't heard, but there are classic favorites such as Eleanor Rigby, "I Want To Hold Your Hand," "Hey Jude" and "Here Comes The Sun."

If you grew up in the Beatles era or just enjoy their music this show is a must-see. If you're planning any trips to Las Vegas, make this a priority. You certainly won't be disappointed.

The beautiful thing about Cirque du Soleil is the fact that it's got something for everyone. If you're into music, there's obviously plenty of that. There's some dramatic pieces and areas to it and there's athleticism involved.

To prove the amount of athleticism further, members of the Cirque du Soleil cast of Ka were on hand at a San Diego Padres game earlier this week and threw out the first pitch. He didn't just throw the ball. He did a 360 backflip, landed on the mound and then threw a strike.

The amount of gymnastics and acrobats involved was unbelievable to me. Being a sports-minded person, first and foremost, I was impressed with the amount of strength and agility required to take part in The Beatles Love show. And seeing on the performer throw out the first pitch made me realize that you need that sort of strength and athleticism for seemingly all of the shows.

I really didn't know what to expect when I went into this show. I went in thinking that I knew several songs, but had no idea how the performance would relate to them.

I left the nearly 90-minute show thinking this was one of the greatest performances of any type that I've ever witnessed. There are numerous Cirque du Soleil shows all over the country and world of all different types. Personally, I'd like to see the Elvis show as well and the Criss Angel show looks fascinating, too with the use of magic.

You just can't re-state it enough. Cirque du Soleil is so impressive because it adapts to every kind of entertainment there is.



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