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Taste Buds: Theo Yianni’s

Going Greek lands Buds in Weirton eatery

September 8, 2011
By EMILY DOMINICI and SHAUNNA DUNDER - The Taste Buds , Times Leader

It is Greek Week for the Buds.

In anticipation of an annual fancy schmancy lamb roast coming up this weekend (sorry guys - invite only), the Buds thought it would be a great time to visit a local Greek restaurant they had recently caught wind of in an effort to prepare their palates.

As if we ever NEEDED an excuse to eat Greek cuisine! Ha!

Regardless, the Buds are now ever-grateful the the alert co-worker who slipped them a menu from Theo Yianni's Authentic Greek Restaurant in Weirton.

Located off the Colliers exit on Pennsylvania Ave., Theo Yianni's offers a wide selection of authentic Greek dishes, along with some classic American cuisine for good measure.

The Buds didn't even get past the appetizers before getting sucked in. But who could blame us with classics such as grape leaves stuffed with beef, lemon, rice and herbs; spanakopita, that delicious Greek spinach pie made with layers of filo dough; and tiropita, with its yummy layers of filo and cheese. The appetizers also included standards such as wings and cheese sticks, but for the Buds it had to be the Greek fries (fresh-cut with feta and oregano) or the Grecian roll.

The Buds finally settled on the Grecian roll which proved to be both beautiful and delicious! Cucumber, tomato, feta, tzatziki and balsamic were rolled in a fresh pita and presented much like a sushi roll. While the Buds thought $6.95 was a tad steep, the roll was definitely tasty.

The menu also features a selection of yummy-sounding salads. Patrons may choose between a large or small Greek salad, a Greek village salad or grilled chicken salad. Bud Em put in her order for a large Greek salad and added grilled chicken (gyro meat may also be added) for an additional $2, bringing the total to just under ten bucks.

Said Bud thoroughly enjoyed this huge salad. Loaded with green peppers, tomatos, onion, cucumber, literally TONS of feta, kalamata olives, fresh fries and the chicken, it was nearly too much to handle, though Bud Em left little behind. The Greek dressing offered the perfect amount of seasoning.

As Bud Shaunna was in the market for an authentic Greek dinner, she had a tough decision to make when faced with choosing between the gyro platter, pork souvlaki platter, the homemade Greek hamburger platter and pastichio. Bud Shaunna opted to go with the pastichio, which happens to be only available on Thursdays and Fridays. What perfect timing for Bud Shaunna!

The HUGE portion of seasoned ground beef topped with homemade pasta noodles and bechamel sauce beckoned Bud Shaunna, but she was outmatched, cutting the portion in half before digging in. Served with a small Greek salad, pita bread and seasoned rice, this meal was great at the table and just as good reheated later.

But what's a trip to a Greek restaurant without sampling dessert? Bud Shaunna's sweet tooth was too much to resist, so she opted for a yummy "cake in a cup." White cake, topped with white chocolate bits and almonds, drizzled with raspberry syrup....mmmmmm, delicious! Bud Em chose a slice of baklava cheesecake, which is just what it sounds like-cheesecake topped with baklava. Decadent and so tasty!

Aside from the Greek fare, Theo Yianni's offers a selection of sandwiches and burgers, the most interesting being the Hucklebuck (a bacon cheeseburger topped with double fried egg, cole slaw and wing sauce on grilled Italian bread), a Detroit-style dog and even a Pittsburgh-style sandwich.

Whether you are in the style for a gyro or a good ol' cheeseburger, the friendly folks at Theo Yianni's are sure to have something to suit your needs - no toga required!

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