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Taste Buds: Ja-Lin’s

Jewett restaurant has great atmosphere, menu

November 17, 2011
By EMILY DOMINICI , Times Leader

With Bud Shaunna currently on her honeymoon, Bud Em had to face the cold hard fact that the "budding" must go on. Thus, she decided it was the perfect time to head to Harrison County to see her old "Bud" Kay and catch up over lunch.

Kay (who has a full year of "bud" experience under her belt) knows good food when she sees it, so she suggested that the Buds head out to Ja-Lin's restaurant in Jewett. Bud Em thought it was the perfect place to escape the holiday bustle currently going on at the office, so she set off on the long road to Jewett.

Ja-Lin's, located at Main Street, is in a building that actually used to be an opera house. How cool is that?! Needless to say, the structure is a beauty loaded with character. What is even better is that they also have great food!

The menu at Ja-Lin's has a large variety of appetizers, wings with several different sauce options, a host of sandwiches (burgers, meatball, BLT, hot dog, fish, grilled chicken, cheesesteak, etc.); an array of different types of pizza (DiCarlo's, taco, buffalo chicken, specialty, etc.); and several YUMMY looking salads (grilled chicken, chef, taco, steak). Ja-Lin's also offers many dinner options which are served with choice of potato, side dish and a roll. Among these are a six piece cod meal, a seafood platter, pork chops and steak.

If you happen to stop in after kitchen hours, Ja-Lin's has a bar menu that includes appetizers, wings, DiCarlo's pizza, fish and fries.

Bud Em, having had a mad craving of late for her old favorite - the grilled chicken salad - was ready to order as soon as she sat down. Guest Bud Kay, on the other hand, kicked around several options before settling on the Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

Bud Em's salad was perfect! The giant creation, ringing in at just $7, was loaded with fresh veggies: lettuce, broccoli florets, cauliflower, carrots, crunchy radishes, tomatos and a few green olives thrown in for good measure. Topped with strips of perfectly cooked chicken, fresh cut fries and shredded cheese it totally hit the spot. Bud Em was very happy with her order. In fact, having tried a sample of Guest Bud Kay's order, she found it delicious as well!

Kay's 9-inch Buffalo chicken pizza was served hot and spicy - just the way 'ol Kay likes it. The pizza was topped with lots of gooey cheese, wing sauce, diced chicken and even diced celery. The Buds found the addition of the celery on the pizza to be brilliant! With a side of ranch dressing the pizza was a wonderful and filling lunch. Bud Kay even had a few slices left over to take with her for later. Both gals agreed that it was a great value at just $6.50.

After lunch Bud Em and her guest toyed with the idea of trying their hand at opera singing since it was their first time being in an opera house. Bud Em decided it was much better for everyone if she kept that confined to her shower. She would be more than happy, however, to return to the opera house for some more fine food!

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