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Taste Buds: Centre Market Bakery

Buds love Wheeling’s new sweet spot

February 23, 2012

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.

This is the motto of the recently opened Centre Market Bakery, and perhaps the best advice the Buds have ever heard.

The bakery, which opened earlier this month, is owned and operated by Elizabeth Vdovjak and is located in the Centre Market Upper House. Wow! Between the bakery, the Soup Shack and Oliver's Pies, the Upper House is really packing in the talent! Without waiting for an invitation, the Buds hit the road to Wheeling to sample the goodies at this new establishment.

The Buds stopped in last Friday and each picked out an assortment of treats to take home and enjoy with loved ones. Of course, they also had the option of hiding the box and secretly enjoying each decadent morsel when others weren't looking.

Bud Em picked out a variety including a chocolate covered strawberry, a cream puff, a brownie, a vanilla cupcake with sprinkles, a carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese icing and a couple of jewel cookies. Figuring it was best to eat items that needed refrigerated first as she had a few stops to make, she indulged in the strawberry and the cream puff.

The cream puff was perhaps the best she had ever tasted! The pastry was perfect and the cream was light and smooth. Honestly, it was glorious! The strawberry was also quite tasty. The berry was large and juicy and the chocolate dip was just right. Delish!

Bud Em's family helped put the other items to the test. The carrot cake cupcake was awesome. Definitely not from any box, it was loaded with texture and flavor. The brownie was divine. Not cakey at all, it was rich and chocolatey and even had chocolate chips and icing. A sinfully delicious take on a classic. Finally the jewel cookies are highly recommended. A buttery cookie with a fruit center and a light dusting of powdered sugar, they are delightful!

Never having passed up a cream puff, Bud Shaunna also indulged in this sinfully delicious confection. In addition to the fabulous jewel cookies, she also picked up two chocolately dream cookies-one for her and one for her cookie-loving hubby. The cookie was moist and a perfect combination of sweet and semi-sweet chocolate. Unfortunately, Bud Shaunna did suffer from "buyer's remorse," but it was only because she did not purchase one of the decadent-looking chocolate eclairs-and she's been longing for one ever since. Oh well, sounds like a convenient excuse to go back!

After indulging in such lovely desserts, the Buds agreed on two things: first, that they couldn't pick a favorite out of the items they tasted. Literally, they were all fabulous. Second, is that they should probably be giving up dessert for Lent, as they have both had enough to last AT LEAST until Easter!

The Buds may be reached at tastebuds@timesleaderonline. com



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