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Mystery dinner theatre tomorrow at River City

April 19, 2012
Times Leader

Mystery Theatre Unlimited cooks up an original comedy murder mystery dinner theatre show on Friday, April 20 at 6:30 p.m. at River City Restaurant, 14th and Main Streets, Wheeling.

In the show, "Who Killed the Top Chef," five celebrity chefs compete for the title of "Top Chef," with deadly results for one character. The interactive comedy show includes opportunities for audience members to directly question the characters, search for clues and even play small parts in the show itself.

The story offers the foul-mouthed host, Gordon Ramseed (played by Butch Maxwell) as he leads four other celebrity chefs through a televised food preparation completion. Contestants include tough-guy culinarian Emeril LaGrossie (played by Michael Moran), to whom Ramseed owes money. Also competing is another famous TV chef, who has recently become French in order to increase his credibility. Now known as Anthony Bordeaux (and played by Ryan Sears), this French chef competes under the duress of constant threats to his life by another competitor, Paula Deenie (played by Renee Zelinski). Deenie thinks Bordeaux is trying to ruin her by exposing her Southern-fried cooking style as unhealthy. Rounding out the competitors is Chef O-Boy-R-Dee (played by Bert Furioli), whose culinary creations all come in a can.

Written by Furioli, Sears and Maxwell, the plot winds through several twists of fortune, popular song and dance parodies and a very silly murder.

The Wheeling-based Mystery Theatre Unlimited ensemble has been writing and performing original comedy murder mysteries since 1996. All performances include audience interaction and the opportunity to solve a murder mystery, along with a three-course dinner. Performances take place in a dining room, with actors moving about and among the tables. Audience members are encouraged to gather clues, talk to the characters and even question the survivors after the murder has occurred. Some audience members will also play small parts during the show.

For reservations, which include an all-you-can-eat appetizer buffet and the show itself, call 304-233-4555.

Private parties are available by calling 304-280-8681.

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