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‘Gun Issues’

May 9, 2012
Times Leader

Dear Editor,

When President Barack Obama told author John Lott, "I don't believe that people should be able to own guns," he meant what he said.

In 2008, there was an article in the local newspaper by Michael Schuler...when Gov. Ted Strickland and Rep. Charlie Wilson, were in the town of Bellaire and bragged about being members of NRA and assured gun owners there was absolutely nothing to fear about an Obama presidency.

The ultimate irony is...they were simply running a deceitful rope-a-dope cover up - on Barack Obama's shameful anti-second amendment record.

On the day the Supreme Court overturned the D.C. gun ban law with a close 5 to 4 decision, then Senator Obama said, "It went beyond constitutional limits."

Most recently, Obama just sent Congress a new budget that allows our tax dollars to be spent on junk-science studies to "prove" that our guns are a public health menace.

Obama's message to gun owners is clear, if he gets re-elected, you can kiss your firearms goodbye.

Robert Johnson

St. Clairsville



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