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May 17, 2012
Times Leader

Dear Editor:

The fact that Bill Johnson is attempting to take credit for the recent oil and natural gas discoveries is laughable. It must be campaign season again because Johnson is taking credit where none is due. In reality Johnson has done everything to take jobs away from this district not create them. Look at how Johnson recently voted in support of house resolution 3078, a bill that would created a trade agreement with Panama, Columbia and South Korea. Last time I checked none of these countries were in the sixth district, but what is in the sixth district are many steel manufacturing plants that have paid the price for trade votes such as this.

Voting the right way on trade policies is important to this area. You would think Bill Johnson knows this, but his votes say otherwise.

Never the less, Bill will stand up and take credit for the recent oil and natural gas findings because it is campaign season again.

Watch out coach Meyer, if you have a good year Bill will take credit for that too!


Frank Shaffer




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