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Divine Intervention

• Local woman help people connect, work with angels

June 16, 2012
By GLYNIS VALENTI - Staff Writer ( , Times Leader

You may not realize this, but you've more than likely experienced divine intervention by an angel. According to angel experts, it often takes place in a time of crisis or near crisis: looking up "just in time" to avoid rear-ending a vehicle in front of you, a hand pulling you back from an oncoming car, unexpected money "out of the blue" when it's needed most.

Barbara Anderson, of Angels in the Valley, and Carol Borkoski, of the Angel Gift Center, say that everyone has guardian angels, those angels that try to keep you out of harm's way. Both women have seen angels since they were children and now help men and women connect with these divine beings. What's more, says Anderson, "There are 1,000's of 'unemployed' angels just waiting to help. All you have to do is ask."

Who are these beings, and why are they interested in humans? Those who study and work with angels agree that angels are not departed loved ones. Angels are a different form of energy, as noted author and angel expert Dr. Doreen Virtue describes: "celestial beings who have not lived on the earth before as humans, unless they were previously incarnated angels, who manifest into human form either temporarily to avert a crisis, or for an entire lifetime so that they can more directly help and guide people."

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Love, light and laughter is what the angels are about say Carol Borkoski, left, and Barbara Anderson. They conduct workshops on connecting and working with angels. The next will be held Saturday, June 23.

There is a hierarchy, though, of nine "choirs," or branches, referenced in the Bible: Seraphim, the pure light closest to God; Cherubim, pure love portrayed as chubby children; Thrones, representing God's fairness; Dominions, angel managers; Virtues, overseeing planets and other celestial bodies in the physical universe; Powers, energy purifiers; Principalities, oversee this planet to further God's will; archangels, keep watch over humans and guardian angels and have special areas of expertise; guardian angels, each person usually has two assigned to guide and protect him for his entire life.

An angel (literally "messenger of God" from the Greek "angelos") has a sole purpose of carrying out God's will, which is bringing peace. This purpose spans across religions, cultures and millennia. Angels are non-denominational; they are non-judgmental; they move beyond space and time. The protocol is to worship God, offering up gratitude, peace and love. Angels worship God, also, and achieve this through helping humans find peace. Asking angels for their assistance even with daily stressors like finding a parking place can further that cause.

What do they look like? Virtue writes that angels incarnate look like any other human, a la the television shows "Touched by an Angel" and "Highway to Heaven," but they are a small minority in the angel realm. She says that they've told her early visionaries misinterpreted angel energy fields in their descriptions and renderings, giving angels halos and wings. Angels now choose to appear with wings because they know humans are able to recognize them that way. Anderson and Borkoski are tuned into the higher vibration energy that allows them to see these winged beings, an energy which they say is available to everyone.

To most people, however, angels are a flash of light, a brief shimmering or an instantaneous sparkling effect. They are all around all the time since everyone has at least two. Being aware of them greatly increases the chances of an interaction.

How can you communicate with angels? Talk or think. It's that simple. Whether seeking guidance with career choices or finding your keys, all you have to do is ask. Asking, though, doesn't mean specifying a play-by-play description of how you want things done and when. As messengers of God, they are omniscient and can see the big picture of what is really best for humans without having to deal with the human ego. If done respectfully and with the right intent (meaning the highest and most benevolent outcome for all concerned), then the angels will do their utmost to assist you.

Their communicating with humans is a bit trickier, especially if the asker has a pre-conceived notion of how the "assistance" should happen. Believing that there will be an answer is the first step. Being open to different possibilities for that answer is the second step. The information may manifest as something you hadn't imagined, something better than you imagined. Keep in mind that true angels are loving benefactors and will not do harm or lead anyone astray.

Being aware that the angels are working to arrange and deliver the message is the third step. Watch for relevant songs on the radio, dreams, snippets of conversation or even billboards at key times - something that catches your ear or eye, and inside you just "know."

Two people this writer knows met their husbands after angelic intervention. Vicki, from Jefferson County, was divorced and at work one day when she felt that someone was staring at her. "I looked up to the landing above, and I saw a man with blue, blue eyes looking at me," she remembers. "The instant I saw him a voice or a thought passed through my head, 'this is your next husband.' I didn't know where that came from." Not long after she met the man with the blue eyes, and they were married for 35 years.

In the second instance of divine assistance, after a few days vacation, a 26-year old woman arrived at her office to find one of her program tools, a deadbolt lock installation kit, missing. It had, for all intents and purposes, vanished from a monitored, double-locked storage area in a secure office. Only one place in the city had a replacement kit, and she made arrangements over the phone to see it.

Walking into the store, she noticed a young, handsome man talking on the phone and wondered who he was. At the counter, they called her salesman's name, and the man on the phone came up. The two chatted and found they had a lot in common, even appointments on the same day to have wisdom teeth pulled. He married this writer three years later. No one ever located the first deadbolt kit.

Angel messages can be as simple as a fleeting thought or as elaborate as a Rube Goldberg contraption. The key is recognizing the message or what you've manifested, and Borkoski says with the turbulent and changing times, "This is a magnificent time of creation."

Anderson and Borkoski host workshops regularly to help people connect and develop a working relationship with their angels. Borkoski was personally mentored by Dr. Virtue and is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner. Anderson has worked with Solara and 11:11 helping people recognize divine energy and their individual life's purpose.

Their next angel workshop will be held Saturday, June 23 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Angel Gift Center, 3683 State Route 152 in Dillonvale. The class will cover recognizing your angelic higher self, working with the archangels, learning to communicate with the angels, healing with the angels, rebirthing into love and light and messages from your angels or deceased loved ones. The cost is $50 per person, and pre-registration is appreciated. For more information, contact Carol at (740) 769-2128.

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