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Taste Buds: Logan's Roadhouse

Newly opened roadhouse lives up to hype

August 9, 2012

At last the wait is over!

The Buds have been very anxious, as of late, for the grand opening of the newest eatery at the Highlands - Logan's Roadhouse.

Oh yeah. Known for their mesquite-grilled steaks, ice cold longnecks, made from scratch yeast rolls and endless buckets of in-shell peanuts, the Buds couldn't think of a better way to spend their Friday afternoon. We could hardly be blamed. So, with eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel, the blissful Buds blew outta Martins Ferry and headed to the roadhouse for a real good time.

Upon researching the establishment, the Buds learned that Logan's aims to capture the laid-back charm of the classic roadhouse restaurant through its "welcoming hospitality, attentive service and kickin', upbeat atmosphere." Sounds like a great plan! Once in the door and greeted by a friendly hostess, the Buds could tell it was gonna be a good time indeed.

The brand-spankin' new building was alive with chatter, the sound of peanut shells crunching under foot and the tantalizing aroma of sizzling steaks. We immediately felt at ease in the restaruant's pleasant atmosphere which boasted what we would describe as an 'industrial western' decor. With menus in one hand and the other buried in the bottomless bucket of peanuts (don't judge - it was way past our normal lunchtime and we were starving!) we pondered our dining options.

With a menu offering over 50 entrees including hand-cut fresh steaks, grilled chicken, fresh ground steakburgers, baby back ribs, seafood and specialty salads, settling on what to eat was not easy. Logan's Roadhouse even offers quite an extensive "health nut" section for those who want to stay on the lighter side. (The Buds made a mental note of this. Let's just say, vacations are approaching and things are happening which aren't exactly "bathing suit-friendly.") Each of the specially prepared meals has less than 550 calories.

Bud Em finally opted for the steak and grilled chicken combo. The meal featured a 6 oz. sirloin and a grilled chicken breast with two sides and rang in just under 16 bucks. Bud Em chose a baked sweet potato and a house salad for the side items.

The house salad was fresh and featured iceberg and romaine lettuce topped with tomato, cucumber, onion and croutons. It was served just in time to go with the warm, sweet and buttery yeast rolls that were fresh from the oven. Yeehaw!

The meal itself was wonderful. Both the steak and chicken were tender, juicy and seasoned perfectly. The enormous sweet potato was topped with butter, cinnamon and sugar rendering it absolutely heavenly. What's even better is that there was plenty of food left to take home for another meal. Great taste and great value.

Bud Shaunna chose the mesquite wood-grilled salmon. Served with a delicious garlic-dill sauce on the side, the salmon was tender, flaky and flavorful. It even reheated very well the next day - no dryness at all! Bud Shaunna also had the baked sweet potato and a side Caesar salad. While Bud Shaunna avoids most croutons, she tasted the ones in this salad and they were absolutely fabulous! They tasted just like miniature, crunchy garlic breads. This meal, which was big enough to make two meals, came in just under 15 bucks.

Knowing she had a hungry hubby at home, Bud Shaunna ordered the Roadhouse Deluxe Burger to go. Logan's packed the burger with both sides separate in the container, thus making it less likely to get soggy. Brilliant! According to Bud Hubby, this juicy burger topped with bacon, shredded cheese, Brewski onions, sauteed mushrooms and BBQ sauce tasted as good as it looked. Served with home-style potato chips, this large burger only set Bud Shaunna back another 8 bucks.

The Buds predict good things for Logan's. Not only is the menu large and the food great, but the atmosphere is inviting and the staff is extremely friendly. If you haven't been there yet, why are you waiting? Scoot your boots up to Logan's Roadhouse and tell 'em the Buds sent ya!

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