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Organization, time management keeps you on task, reduces stress

September 7, 2012
BY KAYLA VAN DYNE - The Scene , Times Leader


The Scene

Life can be chaotic if not properly organized or managed. Trying to organize everything can be hard, thankfully there are helpful tools that are made to make organization easier.

Planners and calendars can be very useful. Whether it is using a planner or the calendar on your smart phone, depending on how high-tech or low-tech you are. There are pros and cons to both methods.

The pros of using a planner that it allows you to see everything and lay it out in a time table. Many of these planners have places where you can write goals and other reminders. The con of the paper planner is that it can be bulky and it is one more thing you have to carry around and try not to lose.

The pros of using the your smart phone is the many different apps. While the phone already has a built in calendar, reminder and note app, but the app store has multiple free and purchased apps for time management, goals, etc. The problem with these, that you many have several apps and could easily forget something or forget to set a reminder.

Whatever your chosen method, make sure it works for you.

Time management is the only way to stay organized. Making a chart by either drawing it or making on a computer will allow you to see where you have free time. Start by making five or seven columns, depending if you want to organize your weekend or work on the weekends. If you have used line paper, starting with whatever time you wake up whether it is five or seven. Or if use the computer make at least 24 lines across the columns.

The one thing about this is be honest; if you spend three hours watching television, then add that it there. After making a realistic one, try to make a more goal oriented one with what you want to do, like get up at five a.m. and work out.

No matter how much you organize, none of this is possible if you are tired and run down.

Sleep plays a huge hand in how productive and on task we stay. Whether you need four hours or 1o hours, getting in a set and organized sleep routine will make your day more productive.

Whatever method works best for your madness, make sure that it is actually helping you and not hindering you. Do try to make some kind of plan that will fit your life so that you are accomplishing something. If all else fails, wing it. There is always tomorrow.

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