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‘Just Me’

January 9, 2013
Times Leader

Dear Editor,

Since the major topic this week at our local diner has been VIOLENCE in the world, I figure it's a good time to address something that has bothered me for along time.

Maybe it's just me, but is it necessary for grown athletic men to punch each other in the face during a hockey game? I often wondered if this violent sport was just acting, to excite the fans, to make the sport less boring. I also often see many of these neanderthal's missing teeth, so maybe it is a real brawl and they are intentionally trying to hurt each other. I'm at home scratching my head trying to figure out who allows this to go on. We all are trying our best at every level of society to quell any kind of violence and yet you turn on the television and there it is, fist flying, knock down, drag out, pure violence. And, to make this all worse, there they are in the audience, young children.

I believe HOCKEY is a good sport with lots of physical skill and yet I cringe when I see two men slugging it out with two referees standing there watching. It's probably just me being to judgmental again and yet I fail to wholly understand the mentality of telling children one thing, then turning around and doing right in front of them what you just told them not to do.

We have all these anti-gun people parading around crying fowl over guns and yet we do nothing about what causes these children to commit violent acts. We tell and teach them the right thing to do and then we take them to a hockey game. No wonder our youth are mentally twisted and confused. All of these games, these television shows and all else, is done with ratings in mind. It's all about the money and were all LOSER'S for letting it all happen.

Take away our guns and they will beat us to death with hockey sticks.

Maybe its "just me", but I'm as confused as the children out there.

God Bless and

Peace on Earth

Richard A. Lucas




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