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‘No New Gun Control’

February 21, 2013
Times Leader

Dear Editor,

Have you ever wondered where gun control supporters have been getting their information when they say that gun control reduces crime, or that new laws would prevent crime?

After all, studies conducted by or for the U.S. Congress, have found no evidence that gun control reduces crime in this country or abroad.

Everytime wishy-washy politicians and the media has their nose under the gun control tent - and declare a "gun violence crisis", I cringe.

"Gun control" is never "criminal control" on any scale.

Gun control doesn't work and never has worked.

Too many people willingly buy into the big myths of gun control.

For instance, the promised $2 million taxpayer cost of the long gun registry ballooned into the largest over-run in Canada's history - in excess of $2 billion.

Once again, so why is gun registration so bad?

Look no further than the United Kingdom - where firearms were registered and ultimately banned not so long ago.

Samuel Adams said " let the Constitution never be construed to authorize Congress ... to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens, from keeping their arms."

Don't them register your guns, - no free American needs a phony "solution" that would make the innocent pay the price for the guilty ... especially when it comes to the right to keep and bear arms.

Robert Johnson

St. Clairsville



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