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Taste Buds: Downtown Bakery

Steubenville bakery offers all things delicious

February 21, 2013

THE BUDS have been on tour.

No, not THAT kind of tour, although we wonder who would pay to come listen to us sing along to our favorite 90s alternative music station on satellite radio when we go "Budding"? Why yes, we WILL sing you that Red Hot Chili Peppers' song word for word.

The Buds are taking a food tour, but of the bakery sort. You see, with the Lenten season now upon us, the Buds, knowing that Bud Shaunna was giving up sugar for Lent, planned ahead. In an effort to cram in every sugary substance within a 50-mile radius of Bud Headquarters, the Buds took a not-so-long drive up Route 7 to the Downtown Bakery in Steubenville.

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Located on 4th Street, the Downtown Bakery is in an easy-to-find, easily accessible location. Don't let the small size of the store fool you, though. What the store lacks in size, it makes up for in a bevy of delicious, homemade treats!

The Buds, as usual, were overwhelmed with all the choices available in the cases before them. The number of different cookies alone were too many to count! Downtown Bakery offers the standard fare of cookie flavors, like butter cookies with various toppings, peanut butter, chocolate chip, sugar, M&M, macadamia nut and oatmeal raisin, but trust us when we say they are anything but standard.

In addition, the bakery also offers cream horns, both small and large, cookies filled with raisin, cherry or pineapple, sandwich cookies, Greek twist cookies, Hungarian nut rolls, pecan cups and also some sugar free options. And of course, there's the signature Downtown Bakery "smiley" cookie that many locals rave about.

After scanning the cases and asking plenty of questions, Bud Em finally decided to pick up a loaf of Italian bread to take home and one of the Downtown Bakery's versions of the pepperoni roll, and of course, a couple of cookies. The delicious bread was crusty on the outside and soft in the middle making it the perfect kind to dip into soup or olive oil. Yum! Every last crumb was consumed. The pepperoni item was sort of like a hand pie and was filled with pepperoni, cheese and mild pepper rings and was the perfect size for lunch or a snack.

Not wanting to leave without some sort of sweet treat, Bud Em grabbed a mini nut roll and a cherry-filled cookie which were both very tasty, which is why they didn't even make it to the car! The entire haul only set Bud Em back around $4 - what a deal!

Bud Shaunna, who is on a slightly odd mission to find the best cream horn in the valley, could not resist the large cream horn. Flaky, powder-sugary and sweet, this cream horn was messy but totally worth the indulgence. She at least refrained from attempting to eat it in the car. However, the same cannot be said for the smiley cookie she ordered and then devoured before the Buds left Steubenville.

In addition, Bud Shaunna picked up a fresh apple dumpling and a cookie with raisin filling to share with Bud Hubby for later. The raisin filled cookie was excellent - the filling had just the right amount of sweetness and the cookie was soft and buttery. The tender crust over the apple dumpling had a lovely cinnamon glaze and the apple inside was deliciously tart. For everything, Bud Shaunna only spent 5 bucks!

Whether you're looking for a custom cake, a tasty loaf of bread or just a little sweet treat, a stop at the Downtown Bakery is time well spent.

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