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‘Gun Show Loophole’

March 23, 2013
Times Leader

Dear Editor,

The "Gun Show Loophole" has been and is currently the subject of much deliberation among pro and anti-gun groups.

Currently, any one (depending on age) can attend a gun show and, if buying from an individual seller (not a dealer), can purchase a firearm without the usual instant background check. If purchased from a dealer, a telephone check is done.

It would be logistically impossible to place hundreds of telephones and lines for every seller at one of these shows.

Another solution was mentioned to me by a friend.

Any one attending a gun show would have an instant background check at the door before entering the show. (If he/she was not intending to purchase a firearm, it would not be necessary.

The intended purchaser would be handed a card containing the same information as if the weapon were purchased from a shop. The card would be valid for any legal firearm and only for the day(s) and times during which the show is open. It could not be used at any other time or location. As usual the records and other forms would still be retained by the dealer.

William J. Patsche

St. Clairsville



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