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Taste Buds: Ohio Valley Farmers Market

Buds load up on locally produced goods

June 27, 2013

If there's one thing the Buds love, it's fresh produce.

Yes. Fresh, delicious produce and yummy baked goods.

This presents a slight problem as the Buds are, quite frankly, no darn good at the growin' and the bakin'!

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Vendors of the Ohio Valley Farmers Market set up their wares at 3200 Union Street in Bellaire.

Maybe it's because we're too busy with the eatin'. Maybe we were dropped too many times as infants. Maybe the agriculture gene skips a generation. We don't know!

What we do know is that we sure are glad there are local farmers and artisans to procure these necessities for us.

The Buds recently dropped in at the Ohio Valley Farmers Market and were delighted at the plethora of locally grown and crafted items available. The market, sponsored by Belmont Savings Bank, is held every Thursday through October from 3 to 6 p.m. at the Bel-Morr Market, Exit 208 Morristown, and every Saturday through October from 9 a.m. to noon at 3200 Union St. in Bellaire.

The Buds had a blast drifting from vendor to vendor checking out all the beautiful goods they offered. Not only are there fresh veggies, fruits, meats, eggs and baked goods, but also quite a unique variety of homemade soaps, clothing, jewelry, crafts, knitted items and beauty products.

When done shopping, they indeed had a brilliant array of goodies to take home and share.

Bud Em picked up a round loaf of Kalamata Olive bread created by the folks at Herbold Farms. This hearty $5 loaf was made with flour, olives, spring water, organic raw sugar, yeast and sea salt. That's it! No additives or preservatives - just natural and delicious bread. Bud Em enjoyed it as a sandwich component and also as cubes dipped in extra virgin olive oil. Delish! On the next visit she's going to try the cranberry walnut loaf.

Bud Shaunna snagged a bunch of purple kale for 3 bucks from the folks at Herbold. Less bitter than the green variety, this kale tasted great right out of the bag.

Both Buds gave in to temptation when faced with the gluten free baked goods made by Melody's Brookside Bakery. Bud Em dished out $1.50 for a pair of Lemon Ricotta Cookies with lemon glaze. The moist cookies were flavored with the perfect zing of lemon and were not too sweet. The creamy ricotta no doubt gave them their lovely texture.

Bud Shaunna's gluten free indulgence was a bag of granola which rang in at $2. The Buds cracked open the bag on the ride home and wasted little time munching on the tasty treat. A hint of honey gave this crunchy concoction a touch of sweetness - next time Bud Shaunna will spring for the large bag!

When passing the Harlan Farms table, the Buds couldn't resist splurging on a jar of yummy Dilly Beans which rang in at $4.50. These pickled green beans were crisp and packed a punch of dill flavor.

Bud Shaunna was tempted by an odd looking round vegetable with long leafy stems at Sue Wright's table. It was kohlrabi, which Bud S had never tried. For a dollar, Bud S took it home and Bud Hubby (who also tagged along to the farmer's market) sauteed it with olive oil, salt, pepper and parmesan cheese. The taste was quite similar to cauliflower but milder. It was delicious, and this will certainly be a repeat purchase for Bud S.

Bud Hubby also went hog wild at the farmer's market, picking up The Bees Knees fiesta and spinach dip mix packets from Smithkins, as well as some of Sally's Delectable Dog Treats - beef jerky flavored. Can't forget about our furry buddy at home! In addition, Bud Hubby doubled back to The Larry Giffen Family's table to purchase a small strawberry rhubarb pie for 4 bucks. Bursting with fruity flavor, this pie was made with Splenda, making it a not-so-bad-for-you indulgence.

On the last stop of the day, Bud S and Bud Hubby splurged at Eric Rubel's Crossroads Farms. In the mood to try out some fresh, locally raised meat, they decided to try a package of the chipotle chicken sausage. And there was only one word to describe it - FANTASTIC! Bud Hubby fired up the grill, and the meat was so good, no dipping sauce was needed - not even bread! Eat it off the plate with a fork and knife - it was that good!

The Buds thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the Farmer's Market and intend to return soon, possibly for one or more of these upcoming events: Cupcake extravaganza, July 20; The Big Green Event, Aug. 3; Souper Bowl Saturday, Sept. 21; and Trick or Treat at the Market, Oct. 26. To find out more about the Farmer's Market, visit

The Buds can be reached at tastebuds@timesleader



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