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October 17, 2013
Times Leader

Dear Editor,

I am writing in reply to the Letter to the Editor written by Chuck Sudvary of Narrows Road, Rayland, and as usual it contains half truths, innuendoes, and out and out lies.

If he has so much to gripe about and thinks Rayland Village Council is doing such a bad job as he states in his many Letters to the Editor, why isn't his name on the ballot for November instead of his "substitutes?"

I won't try to answer each of his complaints, because some of them are just so laughable, it would be a waste of my time and your time. One example: all the chairs for the public have been removed from the municipal building on orders from the village administrator. Is that ridiculous or what?

Mr. Sudvary writes, The Village of Rayland Council passed a $4 a month street light fee on orders from the village administrator - there he goes again - and the village charged a late fee of $10 a month to anyone who did not pay the fee. He does not state that the street light fee is put on the resident's utility bill and is part of the utility bill and if you do not pay your utility bill in full each month, you are charged a delinquent fee of $10. The $4 light fee per month is the law. Mr. Sudvary, is it okay to break the law if you don't agree with it?

Mr. Sudvary brings up the state audit the village had years ago and he states records were missing. We have been through this over and over again. I hate to repeat the same answers that have been given before, because he does not seem to understand. He does not say anything about the recent audit by the state auditor on the village books that found everything in order and gave words of praise to the village on a job well done. Must have slipped his mind!

I was hired over eight years ago for the exact reason that has been stated before that the books were in disarray and the village was $100,000 in debt. That was all corrected and soon after the village was on its way to recovery. Now, at the present time and with the hard work and guidance of Mayor Tammy Morelli and the present village council, along with Rick Soos, our fiscal officer, who is one of the finest fiscal officers in the state, the village is in a period of unprecedented good fortune with the momentum for good things to keep happening going in the right direction. With this in mind residents should give very serious consideration to keeping the present village council together so the village can keep moving forward.

Oh, by the way, I hired the mayor's mother as janitor for the village at about $15 every two weeks without asking the fiscal officer if the village could afford it. Mr. Sudvary wants to know if this is legal. I need to ask the village law director before I get in trouble. Is this idiotic or what?

Should I go on? Maybe, just one more item. This one is new, at least to me. Mr. Sudvary writes, - is everyone ready for this one - "Village council keeps saying certain people are not "Rayland People." He goes on, "maybe council members need to be reminded who is paying their wages." I think that if any council member is caught saying that to anyone they should be docked their $15 a meeting pay. I bet they are really scared now!

I could go on and on, but why waste my breath in this case, my time and ink. Everyone knows what the village officials are dealing with. I do wish everybody would get out and vote for the three incumbents the village has on village council: Clarice Bibbo, Brenda Staats, and Carolyn Tolonese, along with newcomer, Todd Heitz, who does not have a personal agenda, for Rayland Village Council to keep the village moving forward. We have a lot of plans and ideas for the present and future of the community, with the possibility of obtaining more government grants at the forefront. We, the village officials, would like to implement those plans and ideas for the good of the Village of Rayland. We can only get this important work done if we all work together as a team: residents and officials. President Lincoln said, "a house divided cannot stand." This present village council and mayor stand as one moving forward together doing whatever is necessary for the betterment of the Village of Rayland.

Richard Bibbo

Village Administrator of Rayland



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