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NFL Week 8: When robots rule the world

October 30, 2013
By SHAUNNA DUNDER-HERSHBERGER - Times Leader Lifestyles Editor ( , Times Leader

When I was a kid, and before it was remade into a "cool" movie series, I watched the Transformers cartoon on TV. Yeah, maybe it was more of a "boy" cartoon, but really, how can you top cars morphing into giant talking robots? You can't! Anyway, in the cartoon, the Transformers were split into good guys (Autobots) and bad guys (Decepticons). The leader of the Autobots was Optimus Prime, who morphed into a large, semi-truck cab, which served as your all-American, apple-pie-eating, baby-kissing good guy symbolizm. The leader of the Decepticons was Megatron, who morphed into this freakishly fast, ultra-modern jet. Megatron was SCARY. He had these beady red robot eyes that would pierce your soul. I would not want to run into Megatron in a dark alley. But thankfully, Optimus Prime wasn't scared, and every episode ended with him defeating the big meanie Megatron, sometimes sending him off into the outer depths of space or somewhere else that likely meant there was NO WAY he would survive - until next week!



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