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'Monkey Business’

February 5, 2014
Times Leader

Dear Editor

No mattter how dishonest a "scientific study" might be on the issue of eliminate change, as long as it supports the agenda of the global warming movement, it gets massive loyal media attention.

But the inverse of that rule is true as well, if conclusions on various climate change schemes don't fit the global warming agenda, they just don't exist.

Such is the case heard over the Artic ice cap shrinking, but we hear almost nothing of the 2009 report of the British Antarctica. Survey that the sea ice caps of Antarctica has been expanding by 100,000 square kilometers a decade for 30 years. If my math is correct - that translates into 3,800 square miles of new ice every year.

Arguably, global warming is the big fairy tale of the 21st century. Bit its not alone. There was Nebraska Man, the great hoax of the 20th century.

In 1922, Henry Fairfield Osborne, President of the Museum of Natural History, identified a tooth fossil found in Nebraska to be that of an "anthropoid ape." - at best, this may have been just another case of political "monkey business" - because "he used his discovery to mock William Jennings Bryan, newly elected to Congress, as the most distinguished primate which the State of Nebraska has yet produced."

However, by 1925, Nebraska Man's tooth had been traced to a wild pig, and Creationist Duane Gish, a biochemist, had remarked of Asborn's Nebraska Man. "I believe this is a case in which a scientist made a man out of a pig, and the pig made a monkey out of the scientist." It's all monkey business ...

Today's global warming hysteria is an endless series of fairy tales ... all of them imaginary.

Robert Johnson

St. Clarisville



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